GO DADDY Introducses Secure Certificates

Ok, so GoDaddy.com (a great domain registrat by the way) is competing on price in their new Secure Certificate issuance service. However, I wonder if coming from GoDaddy and not Verisign AND ALSO costing less would the give an IMPRESSION of being of less value or security.
Imagine if your local grocery store sold software? Sure you love their meat, but software – you want to buy from a “real” software comapny?
Here’s the press release: GoDaddy.com, announces the addition of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates to its extensive product offering, offering online consumers the advantage of 128-bit encryption security at Go Daddy’s recognized value pricing.
Go Daddy’s secure certificates provide 128-bit encryption (the strongest encryption available on the market today for web server certificates). This guarantees that any sensitive information transmitted between a web browser and a website occurs over a secure, encrypted link and is protected at the highest level.
“Go Daddy’s SSL certificates provide competitive advantages to online businesses by providing consumers with the assurance that their private and personal information is being encrypted during transmission,” says Bob Parsons, president and founder of Go Daddy. “Consumers who are assured of security are more apt to purchaseóand continue to purchaseóthrough a company’s secure web site.”
Go Daddy’s validation effort contrasts sharply with other certificate issuing companies who charge significantly higher prices but provide little meaningful validation.
Go Daddy SSL Certificates are processed and delivered within a matter of hours. Compatible with 99 percent of the Web browsers on the market, Go Daddy’s Certificates are currently listed at $49.95 per year or $99.90 for two years. Other companies charge as much as $895 per year for substantially the same product.