Got Wireless? Got security?

As you go about installing a wireless network in your business, it is VERY important that you secure it. There’s basic, out of the box security you can “turn on” such as WEP (Wireless Encryption Protocol).
However, this security is not very secure and an expert can still break into your wireless network, but WEP will be a deterrent from casual snoopers. However, work with a security professional to install a VPN or better security to keep your wireless network secure.

Cnn writes With a laptop perched in the passenger seat of his Toyota 4Runner and a special antenna on the roof, Mike Outmesguine ventured off to sniff out wireless networks between Los Angeles and San Francisco. He got a big whiff of insecurity.
While his 800-mile drive confirmed that the number of wireless networks is growing explosively, he also found that only a third used basic encryption — a key security measure. In fact, in nearly 40 percent of the networks not a single change had been made to the gear’s wide-open default settings.
“They took it out of the box, powered it up, and it worked. And they left it alone,” said Outmesguine, who owns a technical services company. He frequently goes out on such “wardrives” in search of insecure networks. And while Outmesguine says he doesn’t try to break in, others aren’t so benign.
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