Handango compiles PDA life stories

If you thought PDAs were only for geeky techies – you are wrong. I encourage you to read up the 10 finalists in Handango’s Mobile Fanatic Contest. Handango is an online retailer of thousands and thousands of PDA software titles.

“The Palm saved this persons life, and I was hooked for life.”
“My PDA and software allow both deaf and hearing persons to contact me.”
“How my Pocket PC saved Valentine’s Day.”
“Powerful small apps…brought new quality to my business life.”
“My life was turned upside down when I was involved in an accident.”
“My Pocket PC made the difference between [my cat’s] life and death.”
“This program…has been invaluable in keeping my diabetes under control..”
“My handheld should have been my best man.”
“Finishing the job and being a good dad sometimes get tricky.”
“With 3 daughters to raise, I had to think about the future.”

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