High speed internet – easier than ever

Getting reasonably low cost and high speed access to the Internet gets better every quarter. Costs are coming down, competition is increasing and it gets easier to install. It’s no longer just a necessity for businesses, but even consumers who are active online users can use a broadband connection.
The NY Times gives an excellent overview of various high speed options and writes LIKE most busy people, Gina Gellerman had better things to do on her Sundays than watch her computer struggle to download Web sites. A preschool teacher in Napa, Calif., Ms. Gellerman wanted to use her days off to catch up on the news, check the entertainment in her town and, most important, plan for her wedding in July.
Frustrated with the slow speeds in her dial-up plan with AOL, she asked her friends and family about their high-speed Internet connections. After weighing the merits of broadband sold by cable providers and others, she chose a plan from her telephone company, SBC, which offers a service jointly with Yahoo at $29.95 a month.
Suddenly, she and her fianc√© could both log on, get their work done and still make it to a local festival or movie without killing the day. She found her two cats, Murphy and Katy, online, as well as her wedding veil and shoes. And she is using a Web site to design personalized labels for the wine bottles for the wedding reception. “I didn’t have the patience to do any of these things with dial-up,” Ms. Gellerman said. “It’s made my life much easier.”
High-speed connections have been around for several years, but Americans like Ms. Gellerman have been signing up for them at record rates recently, thanks to falling prices and a growing number of options.
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