How To Catch Hackers: A Captains Guide

CXO Today writes ëKnow your enemy’ – an unwritten rule that every soldier swears by – is quickly turning into the most effective method to stop hackers dead in their tracks. New age IT detectives, with hardcore military expertise in understanding the very psyche of their enemy, have setup a bold front to protect enterprises against hackers.
In an exclusive with CXOtoday, Captain Raghu Raman (ex-military), CEO of a specialized group that provides security consultancy in the country – Mahindra Special Services Group (MSSG), said, “It is easier to teach technology to a security professional, rather than training a technology expert to understand the concepts of security. Today, most security breaches are discovered purely by chance. The only way that security experts can get on top of hackers is by sniffing out a familiar pattern – a technique which is ingrained into the minds of security professionals.”