Is there life without Google?

Google is a great search engine that I use so often. If I had time to learn how to use it more and get into all the tricks one can do with Google, I would use it even more.
However, Google is so large and dominant that its hard for smaller businesses to use context sensitive advertising without going through Google. If you want to reach a large number of online users, and do not have the money to purchase individual advertising on a number of online properties, Google’s Ad Words is (maybe soon “was”) an effective option.
Let’s say you go to a friend’s pool. When you and your friend are in the pool, everything is great. But when the 100th person starts to show up, things get crowded.
USA Today writes Advertisers quickly learned that key-word ads were terrific lead generators and easier to track than other kinds of ads. In fact, they have become so important to online marketing that the fortunes of some businesses rise and fall based on how high their ad appears on Google ó a dynamic that is pushing up advertising costs and squeezing out some small sponsors.
So smaller businesses, with lower budgets, find effective online solutions without Google? Sure they can – but they have to do their home work. One solution is what we did BEFORE Google. Search around online for web sites that cater to your customers and directly see what kind of advertising solution they can cook up for you.