Laplink Extends Remote Access to Pocket PC

Laplink Controller is a must have application for every Pocket PC user. From their desktop/notebook screen, users can view and control any Pocket PC device through an ActiveSync or a wired/wireless TCP/IP connection. With this powerful productivity tool, users can quickly enter and retrieve their mobile device data using their desktop/notebook computer keyboard and mouse.
Users will also discover Laplink Controller is invaluable as a presentation and training tool. By projecting their Pocket PC onto their desktop/notebook screen (or other large screen), the entire audience can easily see what is being displayed. Laplink Controller can create video recordings for software training and demonstrations, print the Pocket PC’s screen, and synchronize the clipboards of the user’s desktop/notebook and handheld for data copying.
“Laplink Controller is one of those ‘must-have’ programs whether you are a mobile professional, developer, or simply a power-user,” said Thomas Koll, Laplink CEO. “I’m sure any avid Pocket PC user will quickly find it an indispensable application for their mobile device.”
Laplink Controller supports a wide-range of skins that allow the application to look exactly like the specific Pocket PC device on the user’s desk. Laplink Controller also includes a file explorer for both local and device files. In addition to remote access, users can also access their device’s full system information; reflecting processor, OS, battery, and memory details.
Pocket PC users can download a free trial version from Laplink Controller is available for $29.95 as a download from the Laplink website or can be ordered by calling (800) LAP-LINK. Includes FREE email and online chat support.