Last week, a not so newbie computer user had a something pop-up on his computer screen that said “A virus has been detected on your computer. Click here to protect your computer”. The user was seconds away from clicking on the deceptive web advertisement, to get the “solution”.
Just tonight (well it’s 12:16am on Tuesday, 4 March 2004) something pops up on my screen that says, “Your computer is not protected. Click here to download….” and the adobe went on to offer a solution.
Please, business owners, train your staff to notice the difference between a genuine alert from their anti-virus program and a web advertisement pop-up.
The FTC has a great web site, that reads Although the number of companies advertising onlin and the number of consumers shopping online are soaring, fraud and deception may dampen consumer confidence in the e-marketplace. But cyberspace is not without boundaries, and fraud and deception are unlawful no matter what the medium. The FTC has enforced and will continue enforcing its consumer protection laws online to ensure that products and services are described truthfully in online ads and that consumers get what they pay for. These activities benefit consumers as well as sellers, who expect and deserve a fair marketplace.