Maximizer Software Ships Maximizer 8 for Individuals and Small Businesses

Maximizer Software Inc., a leading provider of proven and affordable customer relationship management (CRM) and contact management solutions, is now shipping Maximizer 8. Maximizer 8 is a sales and contact manager designed to help individuals, home offices and small businesses succeed by helping them maximize their time, create satisfied customers, and increase sales.
With Maximizer 8 users can easily manage and profile customers and prospects, track every sale from lead to close and maintain long-lasting relationships to increase repeat business. Highlights of Maximizer 8 include a new accounting link designed for use with QuickBooks(R), reporting tools from Crystal Reports(R), improved integration with Microsoft Outlook, synchronization with Palm OS devices, and pre-formatted industry templates.
“I use Maximizer 8 to organize my customer lists and track my sales, which have gone up more than forty per cent since I started using Maximizer,” said Jerry Sehl, President, Online Access Networks, an online reseller of Sanyo’s digital imaging equipment and accessories based in Lauderdale by the Sea, Florida. “After building my Web site using the eCommerce feature, I started using the Quickbooks accounting link directly in Maximizer to view customers invoices and purchase orders.”
“Maximizer 8 was specifically designed to be an easy-to-use and robust system delivering powerful functionality such as integration to accounting systems and advanced reporting – right out-of-the-box,” said Tom Bennett, Office of the President & Chief Technology Officer, Maximizer Software Inc. “We have also provided a number of industry-specific templates to help new customers get up and running quickly.”