More about Radio Shack and Vonage

Vonage is obviously a special company. It’s made a HUGE and powerful alliance with Radio Shack and is getting more and more customers. Online – its advertising like crazy.
Radio Shack, is also a very special company. Not only selling batteris and geek gear but also a vendor of various services (like cellular and now VOIP).
A Radio Shack spokesperson answes some questions from
How did the Vonage deal come about
We’ve had a test market with Vonage in the Philadelphia area for more than a year. We had to make sure that A.) the technology could live up to its promise, B.) that customers were ready to accept the concept of broadband telephony, and C.) that it was a service that fit well with out other consumer electronics offerings and was something that our sales associates could embrace. We walk a fine line between introducing new technologies too early, before the mass market is ready to accept them, or too late, when the technology has become a price-driven commodity. We want to be at the very beginning of the adoption curve, and our history is that when we are, we help make the market for the technology.
Did you consider other providers
Yes. We did our due diligence and ended up selecting Vonage.
What is your criteria for considering deals like this (Sprint, Vonage, etc)
Financial, of course, is a big criteria. Whether or not the vendor will be providing value added services to us in the way of promotional support or training. Exclusivity is a big consideration, however, in this case Vonage already has other retail partners that preclude exclusivity.
What is Radio Shack – obviously no longer just a provider of batteries
Our boilerplate pretty much says it all (although we will always have a great reputation for batteries)…RadioShack is the nation’s most trusted consumer electronics specialty retailer. We offer more name-brand products than ever before, and we’ve partnered with companies to provide the latest innovations in electronics and communications, including wireless phones, direct-to-home satellite systems and home-networking solutions. Our knowledgeable sales associates help take the guesswork out of consumer electronics, and with over 7,000 stores in virtually every neighborhood across the nation – plus 24/7 shopping at – you can’t beat us for convenience.