New Constant ContactÆ Version Coming to a Browser Near You!

I’ve used ConstantContact for several years for’s email newsletter and it continues to get better.
Here’s there press release: We’ve added 16 new templates to Constant Contact. You asked for more newsletters, events and invitations and a simple business letter — they’ll all be there. Plus, we’ve added new association templates, a new fall seasonal template, three new cards and 2 new promotions.
Have you always wanted to add bold, italic, underline or bullets to your text without knowing HTML or using Constant Contact’s advanced letter editor? Our new version includes an editing toolbar, so you can easily highlight your text, click on the bold, italic, underline and/or bullet icons and Constant Contact will automatically add the HTML formatting for you.
And there’s more! You can also easily add URLs to any of the text boxes and we’ll automatically track the links’ performance in your Constant Contact reports. No need to manually add tracking codes or links!
If you have questions on any of these new features, you will be able to simply click on the question mark, and see a pop-up box with key definitions, demos and instructions.
Know Enough HTML to be Dangerous?
You can now include many common HTML tags in the text boxes of the simple letter editor that we will automatically remove from your text version. Our launch announcement and FAQs will include a complete list of the HTML tags. Look for the announcement in your inbox on Saturday, May 15th!
We have heard from many of you that you wanted the ability to further customize the options on each template. You asked for more paragraphs, articles or promotions to use in existing templates. Now you can do that, and more!
Add Paragraphs
Have a lot to say? We have added an “add Paragraph” option to each block in each template. You can easily add paragraphs to your templates by clicking on the “add Paragraph” icon.
Expand Email Campaign Blocks
We have also added the flexibility to add new “blocks” to each template. Template blocks can include coupons, promotions, articles, events, sidebars, sponsor links, quick links and even a PayPalÆ option (we provide a selection of blocks appropriate for each template type).
Faster Wizard Flow
Now, it’s even easier to start working on your email campaigns. When you “create” a new campaign, you will get to the letter editor in just 3 clicks. The selection of “who” to send to and “when” to send are at the end of the flow, so that you can create your campaign, and then determine the delivery details.
New Optional Permission Header
Many of you have requested an optional header for your emails to remind your subscribers why they are receiving your email. We added this header as an option to each template, and included a “soft” confirm option. If your subscribers click in the header to confirm that they want to continue to receive your emails, they will receive confirmed opt-in status in Constant Contact.
One Page Campaign Report
Have you ever wanted to see every detail of a specific campaign in one place? Now you can! When you click on your campaign name from the home page, email campaign page or reports page, you will either view, or be able to click to, every report about that campaign including sent, bounces, opens, click-throughs and spam reports.
New Footer Options
You can now select from the most frequently requested languages (Spanish, Dutch, French, Portuguese and German) for your footer by going to Email Campaigns>Email Settings.
Additionally, because some Constant Contact customers manage their subscriber profiles elsewhere or use only one interest category, we have added the option to remove the “Update Profile/Email Address” link from your default footer.