Outsourcing your IT has its benefits – Customers Completely Protected Against Latest Internet Threat

CenterBeam’s ongoing audit of computers and networks under its management shows the company successfully prevented the Sasser worm from disrupting the business operations of any of its customers.
Centerbeam is one of many companies that a business can turn to, to manage their entire technology infrastructure.
Companies have the constant choice and juggle of “do I manage my own technology, hire someone else to do it, or use a blend of both”?
“Sasser is just the latest battle in the ongoing war against viruses, worms and hackers,” said Kevin Francis, CenterBeam president and chief executive officer. “Today, CenterBeam is declaring victory. The war goes on and our defense against an ever escalating onslaught of threats will continue so our customers are always protected.”
According to Computerworld, the Sasser worm infected Delta Airlines so badly that it cancelled about 40 flights and delayed many others. Infoworld reported that American Express was infected and its internal networks were disrupted. And Silicon.com reported that the UK Coastguard’s computers and networks were completely offline for several hours. Whether measured in the loss of revenue, the loss of productivity, or the real risk to life, the Sasser worm has exacted a considerable toll on companies and organizations that depend on computers and networks.