Ron Markezich, Microsoft’s New CIO: In His Own Words

Microsoft IS not only a technology company, but also one of the largest technology vendors around. Hearing the insight from their CIO will help you in your own technology management.
News Factor writes More than just a CIO, Ron Markezich is a CIO’s CIO. As new chief information officer at the world’s largest software company, Markezich holds a special status among his peers. Replacing Rick Devenuti, Markezich brings to the table his own unique perspective on his role.
To know what to expect from Microsoft’s new CIO, one can build a composite of sorts, looking back on recent statements by Markezich.
These statements are from an internal January interview with Ron Markezich, who served as general manager of Global Technology Services for Microsoft’s IT group. The interview centered around a New Year’s resolution list compiled by Markezich and Pete Boden, the group’s director of information security: