Tech Depot to Deliver Phoenix FirstWare Recover Pro Network to SMB Buyers

Marketing agreement with division of Office Depot brings comprehensive system and data backup and recovery application to SMBs
It’s great when companies team up to delivery added value to small businesses.
Here’s the press release: Phoenix Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ:PTEC) , the company driving the global core system software standard in PC systems and connected digital devices for 25 years, has joined with Tech Depot, the direct retail marketing division of Office Depot, to sell Phoenix FirstWare(R) Recover Pro Network. The product will be sold through Tech Depot’s Web site, targeting small- and medium-size businesses (SMBs), which typically have little or no IT staff. The application delivers central network management and backup while allowing users to restore their PC systems and data without a network connection, recovery CD or tech support.
“Phoenix offers a cost-effective solution that addresses a growing market opportunity in the SMB space,” said Bruce Martin, President of Tech Depot. “SMBs need a recovery solution that is easy to use, affordable and operational without day-to-day IT support. This becomes even more critical for companies with mobile users, who still require secure data, but who often work in a wireless environment or are disconnected from the main company network.”
Phoenix FirstWare Recover Pro Network is an easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use recovery tool for PCs and other digital devices. It offers the best of both worlds — central administration and local PC backup, plus recovery functions for OS, applications, settings and user data. In a time of increasing virus threats and system complexity, the Phoenix approach reduces costs and improves productivity by allowing users to recover systems quickly and easily without assistance. FirstWare Recover Pro also delivers ready compliance with company data protection policies. Users need not remember to back up or take other actions because management is automatic.
“The Tech Depot association is a significant step in our expanded channel strategy to deliver trusted computing solutions to the SMB market,” said Albert E. Sisto, Chairman, President and CEO for Phoenix. “This deal accelerates our long-range plan to deliver a broad selection of trusted computing solutions to an expanded set of customers.”
As with larger corporations, SMBs are at increased risk of losing essential business data. However, most network-managed backup and restore solutions do not meet the needs of smaller businesses. Often, these products are simply trimmed-down versions of a vendor’s enterprise solution, but without many necessary features. Phoenix FirstWare Recover Pro Network provides a cost-effective way to implement a centralized back-up and restore policy in a package sized specifically for smaller businesses.