Verizon Debuts New Online Self-Service Tool for Advertisers

While Yellow Pages are going away online yellow pages are going to increase in use (along with Google of course). Verizon, cuts the middleman out and lets businesses put their own advertising together.
Here’s the press release: Now, restaurant owners closing the books at 2 a.m. and landscapers scheduling jobs at the crack of dawn can take advantage of the Internet and manage their Verizon advertising program online, any time. Verizon has debuted a self-service application that enables advertisers to start or adjust an ad program without the assistance of sales or service representatives.
The new application is being introduced just two months after launched national and local pay-per-click advertising options, the latest advance in Internet advertising. With, consumers can quickly find specific local products and services without wading through overwhelming amounts of general information typically provided by generic search engines.
“In today’s world where you can shop, bank — even date — on the Internet, local merchants want the flexibility to manage their advertising when it’s convenient,” said Darrin Rayner, vice president — e-commerce sales and online marketing for “Our self-service application is ideal for the small-to-medium-sized-business owner who wants a presence on the Internet. Florists can adjust their ad campaigns for the prom or wedding season, for example, while air conditioning services can promote summer specials.”