Why Blogger is so good

Scotsman.com reviews the history of Blogger.com and why it’s stil lone of the best blogging tools on the markte.

Scotsman.com writes When weblogging was young, a small web development company called Pyra had the idea of using a weblog to track internal projects.
Lacking a simple way of updating their new weblog, the team, led by coder Evan Williams, put together a simple application they could access from a web browser.
A quick tap on the keyboard and a click, and they could update their weblog in an instant. The cool new software was christened “Blogger”, and since then things have changed quite drastically.

Williams and his team set up a service based around the softare, and put it online at Blogger.com.
Anyone could sign up for a free account and use the Blogger software to update a page on their web site with the same ease and simplicity.
Blogger was an overnight hit, and spawned thousands of new weblogs, thereby helping the weblog craze on its way to mass-market attention. But the company behind it had to endure hard times for a while.