Will your next PC run Linux

Listen, it’s no doubt that Linux is gaining momentum. For servers – Linux is definitely a viable alternative to Microsoft or other solutions. I really like the crop of appliances such as Mirra, Emerge Core’s IT IN A BOX, Nitix and others on the market.
HOWEVER, for the desktop I only want to see Microsoft XP or 2000. Linux is simply not ready. Sure the graphical interface is there, but there’s simply to fragmented a market for business applications that can easily be used with other businesses.
Let’s say I DO have Linux on my desktop. I purchase Sun Star Office for my office suite. But when it comes time to really work with others and they have Microsoft Office or Corel Word Perfect even – the file sharing is not going to look to pretty.
Stick to MS on the desktop for the next several months and probably year or two I think.

PC World writes Linux (news – web sites) has been called the poor man’s Windows and the operating system for geeks. But regardless of its nickname, the open-source OS is slowly and steadily gaining steam on the desktop. It may not topple the Microsoft empire anytime soon, but recent offerings indicate that Linux distributors, hardware vendors, and developers are dedicated to making Linux on the desktop a reality.
Distributions such as Xandros, Sun’s Java Desktop System, and Lindows’ Linspire are targeting new users interested in migrating from Windows. They offer easy-to-use and install distributions as well as inexpensive PCs preloaded with Linux, available at retailers such as Wal-Mart.
But using Linux doesn’t guarantee problem-free computing. Getting the OS to run smoothly can be complicated, and often users must contend with a lack of software support and device drivers. But companies are finding ways to get around these obstacles, and users are responding.
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