Wireless access continues to expand – now with Sprint

In New York City we have so many choices for wireless Internet access via WiFi. T-Mobile (in Starbucks), Verizon (via their PayPhone booths) and now Sprint is offering wireless access in NYC. The last group of access providers are the “free” ones you can find by just scanning the area around you. Many businesses (by leaving their networks open and not secure)and organizations pushing free wireless Internet access provide WiFi access for free.

USA Today writes Sprint introduced a $49.95 monthly wi-fi service Tuesday, but will face stiff competition from cheaper ¬— or free ¬— alternatives. T-Mobile, which has wireless networks at about half the 5,601 Starbucks cafes around the country, charges $29.99 a month for wi-fi access. Its daily rate, however, is higher than Sprint’s.
Sprint charges $6.95 a day for wi-fi (wireless fidelity) access, which provides a wireless Internet connection for mobile workers. The monthly wi-fi plan is its first.