WordPerfect Office Upgrade Breaks Little New Ground

Corel IS positioning Word Perfect to compete head to head against Microsoft. It’s a risky endeavor. On one hand selling a product because it’s cheaper, subjectively better, and has more in the box than the competition might work. Especially for smaller businesses. Also Corel continues to target its large and loyal customer base of law office and government users.

The Washington Post’s Rob Pegoraro writes The help files in WordPerfect Office 12 lack the usual “what’s new” section touting the improvements in this year’s release. I can see why it’s missing: This release is the least consequential upgrade I’ve ever used.
I can’t see why an owner of either the Office 11 Corel released last year or any reasonably current version of Microsoft Office would bother paying the $150 upgrade price (Win 98 or newer required) for this bundle of WordPerfect, the Quattro Pro spreadsheet and the Presentations slide-show editor.