Archive of June 2004

Wireless and mobile computing – a BOOST for your business

If you have not experience the world of wirelss and mobile computing, it’s hard to really know what value it can have for your business. Technology research company, Meta Group has issued an Intel sponsored report, “Taking Business Mobile: The Impact of Wireless and Mobile Technology” which gives data to show the positive impact these […]

PC Users Warned of Infected Web Sites

This is a VERY serious security threat that you should take the time to read in depth. Washington Post writes Computer security experts and the federal government are warning Internet users to take extra precautions when browsing the Web after an Internet attack seeded Web sites with programs that hackers can use to steal personal […]

Is Your Wi-Fi Network Wariness Warranted?

Wireless Internet Access is all the rage, however, many businesses and rightfully so are very concerned about the security of their wireless networks. Companies should be concerned about the security of the networks, but the “hyped” up fear should be lessened considerably. has a great article which gives some sanity to the fear some […]

How to improve your Outlook

From ZD Net: For many of us, Microsoft Outlook is as much a part of our workplace as the conditioned air we breathe and the carpet squares that we walk on. It’s a foundational element of our working lives–so it’s a crying shame that it’s such a frustrating one. But like a real foundation, it […]

Databases are critical – which one if ANY will you choose

There’s three kinds of businesses. Those businesses that store their data in paper folders, with each sales person have their own paper records and very manual workflow. Then there’s those businesses that love Microsoft Excel. Everything they do is dumped into Excel and managed half digitally and half manually. Then there’s those businesses that use […]

The Internet is NOT everything

My wife and I are looking for a place to live in New Jersey. Of course me being “Mr. Nerd” have done all my searching online. I’ve found several options, HOWEVER, my wife (oh no) bought a PAPER NEWSPAPER and guess what – we found 6 places just sitting in the car for 30 minutes. […]

Rackspace – it’s ALL about fanatical customer service

Yesterday I was interviewing Morris Miller, Managing Director and Co-Chairman of manage hosting company Rack Space for an upcoming article about online customer service for another publication that I’m freelancing for. You’ll learn more about this later, but I was blown away by Rackspace’s commitment to CUSTOMER SERVICE. It’s like they are a SERVICE company […]

LOC Global adds new services to its hosted intranet solution

LOC Global (, a provider of online intranet services, announced today it has integrated shipping and messaging capabilities into its service offering. Available immediately, the new features enable customers to get bulk rate discounts on parcel and freight shipping, web and audio conferencing, and a virtual receptionist. The new offering supports the company’s mission to […]

Free software is not just for Linux users

PC World writes The four-year-old Dell that serves as my Linux (news – web sites) test bed here at PC World HQ bit the dust yesterday: The cause appears to be a catastrophic drive failure. That means I can’t test Linux software for this column, but it also gives me the opportunity to switch gears […]

Expensive dialing via viruses

There are some viruses, often intentionally downloaded by users as “good” programs that will try to force your modem to dial a premium, VERY EXPENSIVE PER MINUTE OR FLAT RATE CHARGES, telephone number. So warning, when your modem dials be careful to know WHERE it’s dialing. Also some of these programs will silently dial your […]