Anti-virus on the network

Being able to stop viruses as far away from your network as possible is important. Cisco’s deal with TrendMicro will help stop viruses from entering your networking by scanning files at network entrances.

Cisco is joining forces with Trend Micro, the No. 3 antivirus software maker in the world, in an effort to protect the Internet from virus and worm attacks. Cisco is the world’s largest vendor of network routers and switches.
Cisco Systems plans to integrate Trend Micro’s antivirus technology with its software in an attempt to make corporate networks more secure. San Jose, California-based Cisco is the world’s largest vendor of routers and switches — equipment that directs Internet data traffic.
Under the multi-year deal, Cisco will incorporate Tokyo-based Trend Micro’s antivirus and anti-worm technologies with its own Intrusion Detection System software, used on routers, switches and network-security appliances. Trend is the world’s third-largest antivirus software developer. (full story)