As you send email to customers – make sure YOU are not a spammer

Managers, many who presumably have gone to great lengths to protect themselves from receiving Spam email, now find themselves worrying that they too may be a source of unsolicited commercial email, according to a survey conducted by email solution provider ExactTarget, which is used by more than 2,000 organizations worldwide. The survey also shows that these same managers are grappling with the issues of maintaining both brand control and message consistency throughout all outbound emails.
For most organizations, email has become the communications medium of choice for marketing efforts, customer service follow up, order confirmations and one-off communications between internal employees and customers. “Email is so accessible and easy to use that it’s become nearly impossible to control every message leaving from every computer,” says Chris Baggott, co-founder of ExactTarget. “As a result, enterprises are having difficulty managing email at the very time when governed, compliant systems and processes are needed most.”
In the survey, when respondents were asked how concerned they are that an unsubscribed person will receive email from their enterprise again, 78 percent of survey respondents reported feeling somewhat to very concerned. In validation of their concern, 35 percent reported that subscribers had received emails during the past year despite opting out of lists.
Likewise, 45 percent said they were somewhat to very concerned that an employee will inadvertently send an unapproved email. In fact, 9 percent reported that this actually occurred in their organization within the last year.
To help aid enterprise managers deal head-on with these important issues, ExactTarget will host two complementary webinars titled Organizational Governance & Compliance: Effective Control Over Outbound Email at the Enterprise Level. These webinars will highlight the specific challenges of email governance and compliance and offer prescriptive approaches that can help reduce financial risk, brand erosion and potential legal exposure. The webinars will be held June 17th and July 7th, from 2-3 p.m. EDT.
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