Be careful of FREE – you could end up with nothing

If you base your business on “free” services – don’t complain if all of the sudden that service is gone one day.
Cnet writes Software developer Dave Winer disabled roughly 3,000 Web logs from his former company this weekend, a move that drew sharp criticism from some people in the publishing community.
Winer, a champion of blogging and the publishing format Really Simple Syndication (RSS), said in an interview that he had to move the Web logs, or blogs, to his personal server from UserLand, a software company he founded in 1998 and left two years ago. But upon discovering the traffic load and time commitment involved in hosting the free sites, he chose to turn them off without notice.
“It drove my server to its knees. I couldn’t afford to do it,” said Winer, a fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School.
“I’m a person, not a company.”
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