Databases are critical – which one if ANY will you choose

There’s three kinds of businesses.
Those businesses that store their data in paper folders, with each sales person have their own paper records and very manual workflow.
Then there’s those businesses that love Microsoft Excel. Everything they do is dumped into Excel and managed half digitally and half manually.
Then there’s those businesses that use databases (contact management solutions or etc) to keep their customer records and other information in order.
I’ve used Microsoft Access database for many years and although it is powerful it can be very complicated.

I’m seriously considering moving over to FileMaker Pro. Why?
Well one main reason ease of use and the ability to easily do many things with it, such as enable a local database to be accessed via the Internet with FileMaker Server 7. Using FileMaker Mobile one can easily make a local database accessible for PDAs.
There’s many databases on the market such as Intuit’s QuickBase and others.
If you want a database that can grow with your business and serve a wide range of needs, give FileMaker’s suite of database applications a good look.
PS – Did you know that FileMaker has five ready made applications you can purchase? Work Requests, Meetings, Tasks, Donations, Recruiter.
Also, FileMaker’s network of independent developers have many solutions that they have created to work with FileMaker’s database.