eBay’s Search for Sellers

The auction giant’s fate depends on getting — and keeping — new merchants, so it’s going all-out to help them succeed
When more than 10,000 eBay sellers descend on the eBay Live! member confab June 24 in New Orleans, it’ll be party time. They’ll trade collectible company pins, cheer the wedding of eBayers Maggie and Brad, and maybe dance with Chief Executive Meg Whitman. But behind the folksy facade, it’s serious business. Veteran sellers will huddle with eBay (EBAY ) brass and exchange tips on how to jack up sales. Newbies will attend dozens of classes to learn how to sell eBay-style. It’s just one part of eBay’s latest push: boosting the number of sellers and the amount of merchandise it peddles on the world’s largest online marketplace. (full story)