First-Ever Security Software Designed for Individual PCs Released

Individual PC users can now control what happens to their e-mail messages and attachments. A new PC security software product called Essential Security Suite lets individuals prevent their outbound messages and files from being forwarded, saved, printed, or “screen- captured” by the recipient.
Essential Security Software, an innovator in digital rights management (DRM) software, announced today the official release of its new encryption software, the only such product designed for use on the individual PC. Similar software products have been designed for corporations but require network server support and cost considerably more.
“Individual and small-business PC users need the ability to protect their outgoing documents from unwanted distribution,” comments company spokesman Zachary Price. “This community of users has been totally disregarded by other security companies.”
Simplicity and ease of use are hallmarks of the new product, which needs merely a right-click of the mouse to secure any digital file. “Essential Security provides everything you need – nothing you don’t,” comments Terry Evans, President and CEO of Encore Software, Inc., and one of the many users at Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and sole-proprietorships during the product’s beta-test stage.
Most electronic files are stolen by insiders. A recent study conducted by the FBI and Computer Security Institute found that 77% of all digital file loss from company offices occurs internally. Financial, legal, and medical offices are just three examples of environments whose security needs can be protected by Essential Security Suite.
“With the current regulatory environment and recent headlines, we can see that protecting sensitive client information is at the forefront of our security policies,” notes investment advisor Eric McDonald of McDonald Capital Investment, another beta tester. “Essential Security Suite seems to be a surefire hit within the financial industry,” he adds.
The new product protects files from hackers and viruses and allows only the author or designated recipients to access securely encrypted files. Security features include the ability to:
– Designate who can open the e-mail message and attachments
– Control whether the documents can be saved or printed
– Assign expiration dates to outbound e-mail and attachments
– Forbid the use of copy/cut/paste on the message or attachment
– Digitally sign documents
– Securely delete any file to Department of Defense standards.
The company’s website ( offers easy-to- follow tutorials that are quick and to the point. Complete with audio and an animated professor, the instructions and demos reflect the simplicity and ease of using the product.
Essential Security Suite can be purchased through the company’s website for $149 per user license. A 10-day fully functional free trial version of the software is available for download. A free Essential Security Reader also may be downloaded from the site, allowing recipients who do not have the software to view e-mail and documents secured by Essential Security Suite.