IBM – innovation not price and more

I just finished a 5+ hour day of IBM’s annual small business analyst summit. This year held at the very nice Tarrytown Hilton Hotel. No wi-fi in my room, but dial-up access. WiFi access however is available in the hotel lobby and other areas.
I’ll have a lot more on IBM in future articles and posts (this space).
But in a nut-shell.
1. IBM continues to push innovation and not try to fight a price war with Dell. Those customers who only look at price should look to Dell or other price leaders, those who don’t mind paying a 5% or so – 15% premium but want more features on their notebooks or desktops should look to IBM.
2. IBM is HEAVILY working with its partners to resell IBM technology
3. IBM is quickly moving to increase its software sales. It’s working on two fronts. 1 to court software developers – away from Microsoft. 2 working to sell the software to businesses
Stay tuned for more later on.