Is Your Wi-Fi Network Wariness Warranted?

Wireless Internet Access is all the rage, however, many businesses and rightfully so are very concerned about the security of their wireless networks.
Companies should be concerned about the security of the networks, but the “hyped” up fear should be lessened considerably. has a great article which gives some sanity to the fear some businesses have about implementing a wireless network. writes Besides keeping an eye out for hackers, companies need to keep an eye on their own employees, who have several ways of inadvertently breeching their own company’s wireless security. For example, employees can install their own “rogue” wireless access point, which may not be as secure as those installed and maintained by the corporate information-technology department. Employees should be prevented from choosing easily guessed network passwords. And since many Wi-Fi security plans rely on the certification of individual laptops, theft of one can compromise a whole network if the computer staff isn’t notified immediately. (full story)