Keep your PC healthy

Yesterday I went on a house cleaning frenzy on one of my computers. I downloaded a tool from to find out what folders/files were taking up a lot of space. Many of my media files I’ll now transfer to another hard disk. I also removed many programs that I had installed over the years and no longer use. This process will continue today.

Yesterday Executive Software announced the release of their latest updated product – Diskeeper which can help with these PC clean up tasks and and wrote Even today’s hottest computers see performance degradation from something as simple as installing word processing or spreadsheet software. Data is chopped up into bits and thrown all over the disk, causing time lags to retrieve the information when you want to read it. Defragmentation, or putting the data in order, speeds up the computer and will keep it running like new. According to IDC, costs of handling fragmentation manually, like using the built-in rather than a defragmenter like Diskeeper, can cost as much as $25,000 for only 10 systems.
Diskeeper offers users a performance edge while eliminating the need to remember to defragment a computer system. Diskeeper runs when you want it to or can be set up to run in “Set It and Forget ItÆ” mode.
Diskeeper 8.0 ships as specialized editions designed for each ‘flavor’ of the Windows platform and for desktop editions from Windows 95 and upwards. New Diskeeper 8.0 Editions are now available for sale and can be purchased through your favorite reseller. More information on Diskeeper is available at: