LogMeIn.com – a better product than Gotomypc.com

Well I’ve used GoTomyPC.com for several months now have had no complaints. The customer service is great and the service works fine. HOWEVER, I’ve just had a look at
LogMeIn.com and like it much better.
Fist of all, the login screen that LogMeIn presents mimis the login screen of your Windows desktop. I also like the menu interface of LogMeIn better than Gotomypc.
Some other features that differentiates LogMeIn with Gotomypc.com making LogMeIn.com a better product:
This secure, special feature lets you share files too large for email, thus avoiding email file-size limits or the need to send attachments. Click2Shareô allows a recipient to click on a secure link and download a file directly from your computer. You keep control by setting how long the file will be available and to whom.
Allow multiple users to securely access your remote PC
Your LogMeIn account allows you to give multiple usersósuch as office colleagues or family membersósecure, unrestricted access to your remote PC.
Transfer Files/ Synchronize Folders
Transfer files or synchronize entire folders between your local and remote PCs and the networks they connect to. LogMeIn’s delta file transfer sends only updated data, keeping transfer times to a minimum. There’s no need to install extra software.