Manhattan Chamber of Commerce – Simple Technologies

Ramon Ray, and Norman Stevens, RedVitae, co-moderated the first Manhattan Chamber of Commerce Technology Special Interest Group – Remote Computing; Collaboration; Communication
Thanks to Time Warner Cable for letting us use their space for this meeting and the next three.
Norman started out by laying a very solid foundation and helping us know HOW we should go about deciding what technologies we might need.
Some questions to ask:
What does my company do?
What needs to be accomplished to do what we do?
What takes up the most time?
What takes up the most money?
What can’t we do that we should or would like to do?
How is our product or service delivered?
How do we produce what we produce?
How do we communicate/collaborate externally?
How do we communicate/collaborate internally?
In a perfect world, how could we best improve our operations.
Norman explained that by going through these questions a business owner could better know what they need or do not need for their business.
Ramon followed by going through specific technologies for remote computing, collaboration and communication.
Voice Over IP providers Vonage and M5 Networks were there and brought one customer each with them to talk about the technology of VOIP.
The Vonage customer explained that he’s not a technologist but likes his Vonage service as it gives him an economic benefit (only $40 per month – each month), he can get a log of each incoming and outgoing call (as a PR company – he can easily charge his clients), it’s also very efficient (he can forward calls and do other things instantly via a web browser – no need to deal with Verizon).
We also discussed the importance of consultants and how they have a powerful role in helping small businesses understand the technologies they need in their business.
The 1 1/2 hour session was interactive and full of useful discussion.