“Mghz” no longer in use by INTEL

INTEL will no longer, except in rare circumstances use Mghz as part of its processor descriptions. PC World writes Intel clearly hopes the new series will lessen confusion about its Pentium M laptop chips–part of the Centrino platform–which often outperform Mobile P4s with faster clock speeds. Accordingly, Pentium Ms, which top out at 1.7 GHz, will be the 700 series, while Mobile P4s, which run at up to 3.2 GHz, will be the 500 series. Mobile Celerons will be the 300 series. (full story)

So, when you are looking to purchase the FASTEST computer, you can’t just go by the Mghz speed but you’ve really go to look at the other factors of the chip such as bus speed and cache also.