New Book: Power Up Your Small-Medium Business: A Guide to Enabling Network Technologies

Book review by G.A. “Andy” Marken, President, Marken Communications Inc
Whether you head a small-medium size company or are a business unit manager, Power Up Your Small-Medium Business is a good primer and working tool to understand what is out there and available to you as well as what it can do for your company’s bottomline.
If you are in one of the ten million 100-1,000 employee firms that have an IT department the book will help you understand what your people are recommending to you, and whether you believe the recommendations will help you reach your goals.
If you are like us and in the majority of American business 20 100 employees where a network manager has to wear two or three hats, the book becomes even more valuable. Most of us outsource the network technology implementation and have a service person on callÖjust in case. Ms. Aber gives the business owner the power to understand what the technologies are, what they are going to be and how we can use them to our advantage.
Finally the biggest segment of American business has a roadmap they can read and understand about the mysterious field of network technologies that focus on discussing them in business terms, not techie terms.