Online form design – gets even better

Quask Announces the Release of a Major New Version, v3.5, of FormArtist
With the launch of version 3.5, FormArtist now offers a unique way of collecting data not just online, but also offline with its new Offline Form Manager feature. Available in the Professional version, the Offline Form Manager allows people to complete forms and surveys without being connected to the internet.
* Now forms and surveys can be distributed via email, on CD, or as a file for completion offline. Recipients need only install the Form Manager once to receive any number of different forms, and can fill in multiple instances of the same form. Forms can be saved and closed at any time during completion, so enabling lengthy or complex forms to be completed over time, and not just at one sitting.
* A new Auto Forwarding capability in v3.5 also allows partially completed forms to be distributed from person to person, which is particularly useful where you’re running complex ‘process forms’ requiring input from multiple people/departments. The Offline Form Manager can be run on desktop PCs, laptops and tablet PCs, with a PDA version to follow. Click here for more info