Oracle, NetSuite End Small Business Agreement

Smallbusinesscomputing reports that Business software service provider NetSuite has ended its three-year licensing agreement with Oracle, under which NetSuite had been marketing a version of its suite of ERP, CRM and accounting applications under the Oracle Small Business Suite name.
The agreement began in June 2001, and was hailed by analysts as a beneficial move for both companies.
For NetSuite, the deal brought the necessary credibility and clout of the Oracle brand to its fledgling service, sweeping away the main objection cited by prospective small business subscribers to all ASP startups ó “How do I know you’ll be here a year from now?”
For Oracle, the deal brought much-needed experience and understanding of the small business market. NetSuite had climbed a steep learning curve for two years before the deal, as a pioneering provider of online accounting and e-business functionality for small businesses. In the process, it had discovered that many of the original received wisdoms about selling online applications to the small business market were just plain wrong.
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