The Reality of Real Time Information

Getting data in real time and being able to ensure those in your company who need access to it can get it is important. But ensuring that this process is managed properly is also important. As companies generate so much data, the challenge is knowing what to do with it.

Tech Web writes Real-time enterprise (RTE) technologies have emerged as the new “hot” IT solution area: Technology vendors and analyst communities seem to include references to RTE in most of their marketing materials. A Google search on “the real-time enterprise” came back with more than five million hits.
Once an emerging or new information technology gains visibility in the popular press, expectations for it become wildly optimistic. RTE is no exception. It can deliver an immediate and measurable impact in reducing operational and transaction cycle times, especially across supply chains. But its ability to strategically affect a corporation and its supply chain is unproven. This column will look at where RTE technologies can deliver immediate value and examine its constraints in delivering value across the supply chain. (full story)