SPAM – it just keeps on coming

I get dozens of spam messages every hour. If I have not checked my email for an entire day – I go through a long process of deleting hundreds of spam messages. See when you have a public email address like I do (meaning it’s not just known to my mom and 2 closest friends), and also have given your email address out to dozens of online sources – SPAM is bound to come your way.
Personally, I have found now acceptable solution and I really don’t think legislation is going to help that much.
PC Pro is announcing that IBM will offer E-mail Security Management Service to stamp on spam and writes IBM has gone into battle against the spammers with the announcement of its E-mail Security Management Services.
Developed in conjunction with MessageLabs, the service aims to provide a ‘first line of defense against’ spam and virus threats. The service is claimed to scan and monitors both inbound and outbound email before it hits the customer’s network, guarding against viruses via multiple scanners.
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While PC World’s Tom Spring headlines “Spammers Find More to Love in Antispam Law” and writes The Federal Trade Commission has given spammers another reason to love the Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing (CAN-SPAM) law. That’s because on June 15 the commission gave a thumbs down to a proposed Do Not E-Mail registry, which was modeled after the Do Not Call registry, giving junk e-mailers the green light to spam away. (full story)