Viruses and other threats are on the increase and a constant battle

Washington Post’s Cynthia Webb writes Using a personal computer these days is like playing virtual dodgeball, but with spam and hacker attacks subbing in for the big red ball.
Microsoft’s Windows operating system continues to be the prime hacking target, especially since it powers more than 90 percent of the world’s PCs and is rife with security holes.
The latest hacker flare-ups are going after the same flaw that the Sasser worm exploited. “Sasser put a spotlight on yet another security hole in Microsoft’s Windows computer operating system by knocking down business, government and transportation systems around the globe. Now, in what is becoming a familiar pattern, attackers have launched a steady stream of smaller-scale assaults, looking to break into Windows PCs exhibiting the same vulnerability exploited by Sasser,” USA Today reported today. “Attackers are having a field day with this one flaw,” Ed Skoudis, co-founder of Internet security firm Intelguardians, told the paper.
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