Voice over the Internet. MORE, MORE, MORE

VOIP is growing – that we know. However, there’s a lot more that could be done to enhance its value. VOIP would be under used if it was just used for phone calls. Having your telecomm traffic going over your data network is POWERFUL and all sorts of feature rich scenarios can happen – the least of whih is blending all communications in one box and making it easily accessible from any device or media (web, phone, pda, instant message app, etc)

The Inquirer writes Not only do they [customers] want cheaper phone bills and lower maintenance costs, they are also demanding features that they couldn’t get with their old phone systems. No pleasing some people.
Big Blue is looking at applications that enable someone to tell others if it is better to get in touch with him by desk phone, mobile, fax, pager, smoke signals or pigeon at the moment (we made the last two up).
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