Want a small computer that looks good?

Today IBM announced the production of IBM’s ThinkCentre S50 ultra small computer.
About the size of a phone book and weighint 13lbs the newest S50 is a tool-free durable steel chassis, components inside the machine, such as the hard disk and memory, can easily be removed by the customer. This helps make the PC serviceable and upgradeable, helping to limit the downtime and cost associated with on-site support.
I’ve been a long time user of Dell Dimension tower computers as I thought I needed the expandibility. However, often times what I need are USB ports.
“Office space is shrinking in nearly all industries, and desktop PCs need to acknowledge that trend,” said Fran O’Sullivan, general manager of IBM’s Personal Computing Division. “People need to use their office space more efficiently, and every square inch on their desktop is important. When your desktop PC occupies a footprint even smaller than a notebook, you’ve got more room for the folders, pads and documents of everyday office life. And to reduce the costs of owning that PC, the new ThinkCentre S50 ultra small will include IBM ThinkVantage Technologies designed to address other everyday office problems, such as viruses, lost data, and reducing time on the phone with the help desk.”
The ThinkCentre S50 ultra small features numerous IBM ThinkVantage Technologies, which improve security and simplify PC “fleet management” for IT organizations. These include Rescue and Recovery with Rapid Restore, a one-button backup and recovery solution that can easily restore previously saved data, settings and applications after a software failure. Equipped to take advantage of ImageUltra, IBM’s software image management technology,the ThinkCentre S50 ultra small helps companies lower costs by reducing the
number of software images managed by IT departments. Also included on the S50 ultra small is the Access IBM button, a “portal to IBM support” that taps into a rich set of onboard resources, diagnostic tools, automated solutions, and links to updates and service on-line for customers with Internet access.
The new ThinkCentre S50 ultra small is scheduled to be announced in July, and will be generally available in August 2004 through selected business partners and through www.ibm.com. Pricing for the ThinkCentre S50 ultra small will start under $600