Why IM is so much better than e-mail

I personally like email so much better than IM overall. But IM can be great if your in a meeting and need to communicate with colleagues privately.

ZD Net writes Just call me Hiroo.
You know–Hiroo Onoda, the Japanese solder who didn’t get the memo World War II was over until 1974. I was that way with IM.
Working at CNET back in 1996, it seemed like everyone on earth went with instant messaging, but I stood pat with e-mail. Why? Like so many of my life’s little stances, I can’t remember anymore.
I think it had something to do with thinking IM was an unseemly waste of time, just another way to goof off in an industry that didn’t exactly need more of those. For example, my office was less than two minutes away from a massage place, a video arcade, a foosball parlor, and a phalanx of Coke machines–and that was without leaving the building.
But today e-mail is choked with garbage, and I think that’s the best reason for IM. I run two spam filters just to get down to 300 spam messages in my in-box each day. People I need to reach aren’t responsive to e-mail anymore; they seem to check it every few hours or so, probably dreading the onslaught of spam and tedious threads that await them.
IM restores that rapid-fire pungency e-mail used to have, an electronic version of someone sticking their head in your office door.
I IM’d three of my IM peeps to find out why they like it.
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