Wireless Internet in McDonalds

Well McDonalds continues to move along with its plans to offer wireless internet access to its customers. This goes to show you that more and more our world is going to be more “connected”. Business users will get more done than ever before.
McDonald’s Corp. and SBC Communications are teaming up to provide tech-savvy customers at McDonald’s with fast Wi-Fi connections from SBC’s FreedomLink service.
Lauren McCadney, vice president for Wi-Fi strategy for San Antonio-based SBC, said, “We’re thrilled in the progress we’re making in building an extensive Wi-Fi network from UPS stores to airports and now McDonald’s.”
SBC is building out the infrastructure in McDonald’s restaurants in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan and nine other states in SBC’s service territory. Under the deal, subscribers to SBC’s FreedomLink Wi-Fi service will be able to connect to the Net in an estimated 6,000 McDonald’s around the country by a year from now. At present, McCadney said, 317 McDonald’s restaurants feature hot spots, including 179 in the Chicago area.
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