Yahoo scraps enterprise messaging

At first I thought that Yahoo not selling IM into the corporate space was a defeat for IM. But I think it’s not so much a defeat for IM but shows that Yahoo is indeed a consumer company and not so much for corporate sales.
Cnet writes Yahoo confirmed on Thursday that it is no longer selling a version of its popular instant-messaging service for corporations, ending the Web portal’s attempt to sell IM as a software package.
The dropping of Yahoo Messenger Enterprise Edition marks the end of the Web portal’s now-defunct enterprise software division. The unit was created in 2000 to sell customized Web portals and videoconferencing services for internal use in corporations. But in October 2003, Yahoo scrapped the division and melded its businesses with their consumer counterparts.
In an informal interview earlier this week, Yahoo’s chief information officer, Lars Rabbe, said the enterprise instant messenger was shelved because Yahoo is largely a consumer company and is not structured to take on the kind of support tasks and other responsibilities that come with selling corporate software.
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