Archive of July 2004

Putting the sparkle back into Gateway

Gateway has always had a sparkle for me and maybe for other end users. The “sparkle” however was lost in the eyes of Wall Stret. With new management, from eMachines, I hope that Gateway can better align its finances and become a profitable company. We need true competition in the market. Dell, HP, IBM are […]

Internet Snagged In the Hooks Of ‘Phishers’

Phishing is snarling more and more users. Often times the problem is not the lack of a security solution but the lack of vigilence on the part of end users. You can’t just click all over the place online, no more than you can walk all over the place outside your home. I’ll be writing […]

Why Your Wireless LAN Doesn’t Work

Having a wireless network is great and gives you a lot flexibility. However, wireless is also a huge opening for hackers. It is IMPORTANT to secure and lock down your wireless network. News Factor writes Want to get to know your neighbor better? Set up a wireless Latest News about wireless network. The two of […]

Internet Telephony – a fight between giants

(Michael K. Powell of the Federal Communications Commission has pushed for reduced state controls of telephone calls over the Internet.) State Governments, Federal Governments, Traditional Telephone companies and up-start VOIP providers are all in a fight over the regulation of VOIP. It’s a powerful tool that can increase efficiency and save businesses and consumers a […]

For small businesses, hiring the right geek is a special challenge

Technolgoy Consultants are one of the BEST partners your business can have. Business Week writes Mary Clark knew that she was looking for the rarest of gems. When her company, a 116-person electronic-payment processor called Cibernet, relocated from downtown Washington to Bethesda, Md., she lost her in-house computer guru. That meant that Cibernet’s networks and […]

Microsoft finds out what business owners really want

Warrillow Weekly writes Every business owner is short on resources. They won’t buy something they don’t need or can’t use just because of an expensive incentive. They certainly don’t upgrade software if they think what they have is “good enough.” They will get excited, however, if you can help them gain more value from an […]

FREE GUIDE: Technology Resources for Growing Businesses

31 pages of practical guidance to help you use technology as a tool to grow your business. BONUS: Dozens of links to technology services and products. Sponsored by Trend Micro, “Technology Resources for Growing Businesses” is a FREE 31 page booklet giving you practical advice and insight you need to use technology to grow your […]