answers questions

In light of receiving additional funding, I had some questions and an spokesperson gives the answers.
What is – a portal or an editorial site? Both?
AllBusiness provides resources, including quality information, products, services, cost savings and other solutions to help small businesses start, manage and grow their business. The site contains thousands of pages of valuable information, advice, forms, questions and answers, products, services, business guides, comparison shopping for business products, a small business association, discounts, and more.
I am not sure how you are defining portal versus editorial, but we are providing our customers with access to everything described above to help them start, manage and grow their business.
Do you see yourself competing with or more with Smartonline (or even bCentral)
As far as competitors, we don’t see anybody in this space with the same depth and breadth of offerings as AllBusiness.
There are many competitors who do “pieces” of what we do:
There are the magazines that repurpose their offline content products into online products, such as and
There are companies such as Office Depot and Microsoft that are providing some small business information in order to attract customers so they can sell their proprietary products
There are directory products that link you to services and other resources, such as
There are companies who are covering news for the business market, ala CBS Marketwatch
There are a large number of companies that have identified the importance of the small business market ranging from business publications to large organizations that have customized their product offering for the small business market. While some of our resources may overlap with these offerings, we see them more as potential partners than direct competitors.