Blogging – the name overshadows the tool

I’m not too sure why the media are so excited about the word “blogging” and think it unusual that “bloggers” can be credentialed journalists.
There’s a few issues to consider:
1) Bloggers (mature, professional and real ones) have an audience, like any media outlet does. So therefore companies – be it the DNC, RNC or anyone else who wants their message to an audience should consider bloggers. If the company invites the NY Times, Boston Globe or Politicsblogg it’s all the same as they get their message delivered to an audience
2) Sure, bloggers DO NOT have an editorial board that main stream mediam might, but all one has to do is read the archives of a blogger to see if they are professional or not.
“Blogging” is simply the tool we use to post our online text. But in fact the NY Times, in theory is one big blog, as is PC World and CNet. The tool might be differenet but the audience and writing are consistent for a “blogger” or a “professional journalist”.
I use to post my news articles.