CISCO – can’t techies get it right?

I got an email from a particular division of CISCO, a typical PR pitch. But the interesting thing was that this was sent to hundreds of other journalists and our email addresses were in the “cc” field.
(This happens once or twice during tech expos also by the way)
CISCO being a tech company and with plenty of money to market – shoud know better.
1. Putting over 100 email addresses in a cc field makes it hard to get to the meat of the email
2. Others, like your competition, know a bit more about your PR program
3. It looks bad (in a small way) to the reader to see that it’s not just you CISCO is reaching out to, but to others.
When you send your email to a lot of people, TIP: use the “BCC” field to hide the other email address. This way
1. Your reader can get right to your message without scrolling through a long list of “cc’s”
2. Others won’t see who you sent your email to; like when Pfizer used “cc” and not “bcc” to send out a huge email of confidential information
3. Readers can get some feeling that the email you sent was special, for them, not for hundreds of others even though they know it was for others.