Computer processors really don’t matter that much

I know there’s a constsant “battle” between AMD and INTEL for who has the best or fastest chip. Many years ago, we businesses were watching this battle closely and especially noting who had the fastest Megahertz. However, in recent months with processor speeds so fast (2, 3, Gigaherts) and memory so cheap and plentiful processor speed is really not an important factor.
In the “media” this battle between AMD and INTEL is played out like it was against Edwards and Kerry before Kerry snagged the nomination and now between Bush and Kerry.
However, if you buy any notebook with plenty of RAM (256MB or more – 512MB is better) and a “fast” processor – you’ll be quite happy running any business application.
The Financial Times reports that AMD, the US semiconductor group, on Monday stepped up its battle with rival Intel for the portable PC market by introducing two new processors – a 64-bit microprocessor for notebook PCs and a low power chip that targets the ultraportable and convertible tablet PC market.
Both microprocessors, which are available immediately, are expected to help AMD defend the gains it has made in recent years in the mobile PC market, the fastest growing segment of the PC market.