DROOL: HP’s PDA, Cell phone, WiFi device

HP’s latest iPaq 6315 PDA combines a cellular phone, BlueTooth and WiFi connectivity so you can ensure you are ALWAYS connected.
PC World writes I checked out a preproduction version of the first product in the line, T-Mobile’s $600 (or $500 after rebate if you sign up for a new account) IPaq Pocket PC H6315. Running Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC-Phone Edition, the H6315 makes a great first impression with its compact, clean design. Its new IPaq wireless setup utility hooked up to our corporate Wi-Fi network in seconds–the easiest and fastest such connection I’ve ever made with an IPaq. Better still: When within range of both cellular and Wi-Fi networks, the unit let me talk on the phone via a wireless headset while downloading e-mail or surfing the Web.