Dump Microsoft Internet Explorer – no way say many businesses

Even though Microsoft Internet Explorer, your default web browser is full of security holes and there are several other alternative web browsers, like Mozilla Firefox, Opera and others, many companies are not in a hurry to switch, eWeek is reporting.
eWeek writes IT managers and users say that while the rash of security flaws associated with IE has drawn new attention to its vulnerabilities and has led some individuals to switch browsers, enterprises are reluctant to change browsers because of their reliance on IE-specific intranet applications and Web sites.
This is true of many technologies and other things in our daily lives. Let’s say your bank is no good – but you’ve been banking with them for 10 years. To change banks means to establish a whole different relationship, get new banking records, new forms and basically change the way you do business.
Changing web browsers, especially for dozens or thousands of people can be a pain. So often users stick with the pain they have rather than going through the pain of switching.